Lighting for Health and Wellbeing: The Market for Circadian Light and Lighting for Disinfection

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Expected release date is Jan 31st 2019



It is known that lighting has an effect on human physiology, most notably by influencing our circadian rhythm. That being said, the total extent of this impact continues to be researched in an effort to not only better understand how our bodies react under different light conditions throughout the day, but to also understand how we can design overall “healthier” lighting systems.


Concurrently, the penetration and acceptance of LED lighting as the dominant technology in the market today allows for greater flexibility with regards to design and light control (both quantity and quality). Lighting manufacturers are now able to build lighting systems which are able to use our understanding of the physiological response to light to maximize the positive and minimize the negative impacts of an artificially illuminated world.


The main goals of this report will be to:


  1. Provide insights into the most recent research to better understand what the most likely markets would be for “healthy” lighting products and what features these lighting systems are most likely to have in each application.
  2. Provide market data on the size of the lighting for health and wellbeing market, with regards to unit shipments and revenues of luminaires, further broken out by region (North America, Europe, ROW) and application (Will include Healthcare, offices and educational, amongst others), all forecasted through 2023.
  3. Forecast the size of the market in terms of installed base, unit shipments and revenues through 2023.