The Worldwide Market for LEDS, Market Review and Forecast 2018

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In 2017 the packaged LED market saw a stabilization of the price erosion that swept the market in 2015 and somewhat in 2016, as capacity of LED chips and therefore packaged LEDs steadied, mostly due to a lack of new MOCVD tool installations stemming from a lawsuit between Veeco and AMEC. While the market for packaged LEDs used in mobile and display applications shrank, and are forecasted to continue doing so through 2022, the market for packaged LEDs in Automotive, lighting and signage are all forecasted to continue growing through 2022. The automotive market is showing the most robust growth, with exterior lighting applications like headlamps leading the way, with strong LED technology demand and healthy margins for manufacturers. 

Strategies Unlimited accounted for the LED package market by analyzing market demand as well as the supply-side activities of more than 50 LED component suppliers.

This report analyzes the LED market used in the following sectors: lighting, automotive, displays, mobile devices, signs, and others. Each sector is further broken down by the main application within each sector, as well as by LED power (low power, mid power, high power, and super high power) and material type (InGaAlP, InGaN, RGB).