Fiber Lasers: Market Review and Forecast 2014

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REPORT HIGHLIGHTS: Fiber lasers have been the fastest growing laser type for the last several years, and there are many reasons for this. Fiber lasers are durable, relatively inexpensive, have a long-life, require less on-going maintenance, and are very power-efficient. Initially fiber lasers competed in the industrial IR wavelength segment, but newer laser technology is opening up opportunities for fiber lasers in the UV wavelengths, visible wavelengths, and in mid-IR wavelengths. 

This report covers the growing opportunities of fiber and contains a 5-year forecast for each segment. 

The report covers: 

  • Materials Processing 
  • The Medical & Life Sciences Market
  • Mid-IR Illuminators 
  • UV Micro Materials Processing 
  • Infrared Countermeasures 
  • Fiber Laser Sensors 
  • Military Fiber Lasers 
  • Fiber Laser Spectroscopy 
  • Fiber Laser Marking 
  • Fiber Lasers Used for Oil and Gas Well Drilling 
  • 3D Printing 
  • Digital Projection